How does Quasidea build stuff?
Software and Technologies, Talks and Conferences, Source Code and Projects

As software tools and methodologies continually evolve, Quasidea aims to evolve with it, striving to stay ahead of the technology curve. Quasidea is currently focused on building platforms and applications that utilize the following technologies and software stacks:

  • iOS and Objective-C (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch)
  • LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)
  • Microsoft .NET (C#)
  • HTML / CSS / JavaScript
  • SQLite

Mike's commitment to delivering solutions of the highest quality benefits not only Quasidea's clients. His expertise is widely sought after, as he is reguarly invited to speak at conferences all across the nation. His code and software designs (either via open source initiatives and/or published source projects) are regularly scrutinized and utilized by development teams throughout the industry.

The following are talks that Mike has given at industry conferences across the country:

The following are open-source / published-source packages, libraries and applications that Mike has led or been instrumental in creating (most of which are still in active, ongoing development):

  • Qcodo Development Framework
    A PHP-based development framework with over a quarter million downloads and generates hundreds of millions of page views every month

  • QuasiStep for Controls
    An Objective-C-based library for iOS to aid with UIControls in the Apple iOS SDK

  • QuasiStep for SQLite 3
    An Objective-C-based library for iOS to handle accessing SQLite 3 database files

  • QuasiStep Forms
    An Objective-C-based library for iOS that provides robust, forms capability

  • QuasiStep Utilities
    An Objective-C-based library for iOS that includes a general collection of utilities and helpers

  • Microsoft's ASP.NET Starter Kits
    Mike was on the team that produced the original, official ASP.NET Starter Kits for Microsoft

And in addition to the technologies and platforms listed above, Quasidea also has past expertise building applications built upon the following software technologies:

  • J2EE (Java)
  • Oracle (PL/SQL)
  • Microsoft SQL Server (T-SQL) and Microsoft IIS
  • Microsoft Windows Mobile Classic (C#)
  • Traditional ASP and COM (VB)
  • Adobe Flash (ActionScript)
  • Perl