Who is behind Quasidea?
About Mike Ho

Mike Ho has been doing software consulting, architecture and development for over 23 years. Starting in 1996, when the internet was still in its relative infancy, Mike spent much of his collegiate career working on several different high-profile web applications, some of which are still in existance today.

After graduating Mike joined Sapient Corporation (NASDAQ: SAPE) where he was quickly given lead engineering roles on many critical applications and projects for large financial services companies and media conglomerates, including Royal Bank of Canada, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Classified Ventures and Morningstar. The respect he garnered from co-workers, managers and directors led him to being one of the youngest engineers ever to have received a Sapient Core Values Award, an annual award given to the top performing employees in the company.

After Sapient, Mike joined Vertigo Software where he worked on or led several key projects for Microsoft Corporation. He also architected and implemented core business automation systems for Flextronics, executing supply chain process management for the manufacturing of millions of dollars of large-scale consumer electronic products, including the Xbox and iPod.

Throughout this time, Mike also began to work as a part-time independent contractor, building custom web applications for a wide variety of clients, from small web startups to Fortune 500 companies. By 2004 his client work became substantial enough that he was able to “quit his day job” and go full-time into independent software consulting, architecture and development.

His work as a full-time independent consultant has received him many accolades, including the NASA Ames Contractor Award. He is also considered a thought leader in technology and is regularly invited to speak at software development conferences throughout the nation, including:

Beginning in 2005 he ventured into serial and parallel entrepreneurship, where he launched Qcodo, a PHP development framework that is used in many web startups and large organizations, including Lockheed Martin, Stanford University and Hewlett Packard. He also co-founded of Uloop, the largest student-to-student online classified system with over a quarter million college students, helping to raise over $1.7M in venture capital from a number of sources, including Gannett Digital. He is currently working on several new business ideas in the web and mobile application space.

Mike is married to his wonderful wife Lani and has a beautiful daughter. In his copious spare time, Mike enjoys skiing up in Lake Tahoe and playing cards with friends from church. He graduated with a B.A. in Computer Science from Northwestern University... Go Cats!