Why does Quasidea exist?
Mission and Values

Quasidea Development continually strives to build software solutions and platforms that fulfill needs, and Mike has consistently focused on implementing these software applications at only the highest level of quality. Quasidea seeks regular feedback from its clients and customers to ensure that the services and products that Quasidea provides continue to add value to both businesses and consumers alike.

And as Quasidea continues to venture more into product-based development, it will carry over the same philosophy in its product development cycle. The collection of products it produces will seem like a very random assortment of products. However, Quasidea believes in practicing its namesake as it works to develop these quasi-ideas into practical, full-fledged products that hopefully people will find useful.

But perhaps more important than the software and the products that are developed, Quasidea aims to be a company that is based on Christian, biblical principles. Above all else, Mike's top priority is to serve people first. Ideally, Quasidea's hope is to reflect Christ's love for His children in the way it conducts business with customers, employees, partners, and even competitors.