With whom has Quasidea worked?
Clients and Projects

For over 23 years Quasidea Development and Mike Ho have had the privilege of working with some of the most widely respected organizations in the world. From small web startups and local non-profits to Fortune 500 companies and large government agencies, the list of organizations below is just a partial list where Mike and Quasidea's work has made a significant impact. Click on any of the organizations to find out more.

Affiliated Client Work
Client engagements that Mike Ho has led or played a critical role while affiliated with other consultancies (including Capgemini, Sapient Corporation and Vertigo Software):
Pro-Bono Clients
Charity and non-profit organizations that Mike Ho and Quasidea have been honored to serve:
Utah-based Progrexion is a leader in quantitative marketing solutions. Its deep knowledge and skillset in customer survey development, execution and analysis has allowed Progrexion to maintain its leadership position with its impressive list of clients, including Covad Communications, Gateway Computers and Buy.com.

Progrexion’s Survey Management System has been a fundamental tool for its staff and its customers. As their original system became more and more outdated and cumbersome to use, Progrexion asked Quasidea to come in and re-architect and re-engineer their entire core application. Along with implementing a completely extensible and rules-based Survey Management solution that was significantly more flexible and easier to use, the new system also provided much more robust reporting capability, allowing Progrexion’s consultants to more efficiently analyze survey results data. The new toolset helped Progrexion to provide their customers with more timely, valuable and accurate marketing data and solutions.

In addition to the above list of clients, Quasidea Development has also built a portfolio of products that include:

Qcodo is a development framework for PHP that is based on over eight years of development and enterprise production use at an impressive list of projects, companies and organizations, including NASA, Stanford University, Hewlett Packard, Fidelity Investments, Lockheed Martin, and many, many more.

Qcodo was open-sourced in October 2005 under the terms of the MIT License. Since then, it has seen over 250,000 downloads from users in over 85 countries.

Uloop empowers college students to buy, sell, promote, and trade with classmates. It started in January 2007 and has quickly become the largest single student-to-student classifieds site in the country.

Now with over 250,000 registered students from hundreds of college campuses across the country, Uloop raised over $1.7M in funding from a number of sources including Gannett Digital.

Originally just a proof-of-concept module, Fontology has evolved into a very simple but useful AJAX-driven design tool, allowing you to create quick and easy PNG images of stylized text strings. Options include the ability to change the font, style, size and color. And best of all, it's free.